RHNutrition was founded by public health nutritionist Robert Hobson. Registered with the Nutrition Society, Robert’s qualifications include a BSc in Human Nutrition and MSc in Public Health Nutrition. He has 8 years experience of working in the hospitality industry and has spent the last 4 years working for a leading nutrition software company – Nutmeg UK – designing and implementing software projects to help organisations meet nutrition standards and legislation. He also works a number of London NHS Trusts promoting healthy eating within vulnerable communities and has written for a number of food and nutrition related publications.

Having been involved in projects for organisations such as the Scottish Government (school meals) and  NHS Scotland (hospitals), as well as working with local authorities, caterers, care homes and schools throughout the country, Robert has had experience of dealing with many different stakeholders, offering nutritional support particularly in the areas of menu planning, menu analysis, recipe development/analysis, policy/regulation and training. Robert also has experience of delivering large and smaller scale training programmes and has written a series of training modules and manuals to deliver effective learning in many different areas.

Having worked in software for the last 4 years Robert has experience of compiling large nutritional databases and turning comprehensive nutrition policies into easy to use software. This work has also involved an abundance of experience in tendering and pitching for new business as well as representing companies at large scale events within this commercial arena. Robert draws upon his extensive list of contacts to apply to RHNutrition’s consultancy work.

Robert is Nutmeg UK’s consultant nutritionist providing a broad range of nutrition services, strategic advice and a range of  training courses. He also works as a consultant nutritionist to Grub4Life.